This is a short Idle Animation I created. I modeled Spidey at about 4500 polys and did the textures in Photoshop. No normal maps yet...

I tried to keep all the geometry in the background very simple to save memory.

This is a character

I created using polygonal modeling techniques. It's my stylized younger more buff version of a famous Vulcan Federation Science Officer .

Here is a closeup of the head. It's a work in progress rendered out with just flat colored shaders. Painted textures added at the end of the turntable, not finished though, still a work in progress.

Here is an environment I modeled, textured and lit in Maya of a Star Trek Starship Bridge based on the Constitution Class. It's supposed to be a sister ship of the same era as the NCC-1701, but built afterward. I did all the textures in Photoshop

This is a shot I did in Maya recently of a spaceship taking off from a hanger bay. I did the modeling, texturing, lighting and animation. The textures were done in Photoshop.

Maya was the software of choice used to create this creature development test for an independent film. I modeled, rigged, textured and animated. This character is copywritten  and may not be used or copied without express consent of the owners.

This is another character I created using polygonal modeling techniques. I layed out the UVs and painted the textures in Photoshop then applied them as color and bump maps.

Here is a closer look at "Toadman". It helps to see some of the detail in the eyes and the texture of the skin.