Cinematics Director

Secret Level Studios-A Division of SEGA

San Francisco, CA

Directed Pre-Rendered and In-Engine Cinematics for the studio.

  • Commented on and edited Cinematics scripts.
  • Reconciled all inconsistencies that presented themselves between the Cinematics Script and Level Design.
  • Analyzed the script and directed the storyboard and animatic team in order to resolve conflicts in continuity, logic, staging and cost.
  • Gathered information from Game Designers to achieve consistency and continuity from Cinematics to Gameplay.
  • Directed all motion capture shoots in order to maintain direction set by storyboards and Animatics.
  • Made frequent trips to Los Angeles and New York and Directed Voice Over Recording Sessions and adjusted dialog during the session, in order to obtain quality and consistency from the actors which included A list talent Robert Downey JR and Terrence Howard.
  • Directed external animation production company to create Pre-Rendered Cinematics.
  • Directed internal animators and cinematics artists in the production of In-Game Cinematics using Secret Level’s proprietary Game Engine.
  • Worked with the tools and technology team to ensure that the Cinematics Artists had the tools necessary to implement the game's vision.
  • Directed internal Audio manager who in turn gave direction to external composer and sound designers.
  • Oversaw the implementation of Cinematics into the final submission of the game.
  • Presented work to and Interfaced with external producers at SEGA and Licensors at Marvel.

10/20/06 – 06/14/07

Freelance-Art Direction, Concept Art and Storyboards



Cinematics Art Director

High Moon Studios-A Division of Vivendi Universal Games

San Diego, CA

Worked with Game Designers to visualize Cinematics and In-game Mechanics using a variety of techniques from hand drawn Storyboards to Animatics created in AfterEffects, Maya and UnReal.

  • Analyzed the Script to determine the number, location and content of In-Game and Pre-Rendered Cinematics.
  • Developed a system using a Mind Map Software in order to detect and communicate any problems in continuity from Game Play flow into and out of Cinematics.
  • Monitored and gave input at mocap shoots in order to maintain direction set by Storyboards and Animatics.
  • Art Directed external Cinematics production company.
  • Art Directed internal Cinematics Artists in the production of pre-rendered and in-game cinematics.
  • Directed and mentored the storyboard/Animatics team.


Supervising Character Designer

Walt Disney Productions / Nigel Productions

"The Wild"

Led and managed a team of 2d artists, Sculptors, Modelers, and Texture Painters in the creation of all the characters in the film.

  • Analyzed script to develop and recommend an overall style and aesthetic for the characters in the film.
  • Produced most of the Key Concept Art to provide the vision for the overall look of the characters in the movie.
  • Directed the 3d modelers and texture painters in the implementation of the initial approved concepts to maintain consistency with approved concepts.
  • Gave weekly presentations to Disney Executives and Staff which included Michael Eisner in order to foster good communication.


Storyboard Artist

Electronic Arts

Redwood Shores, CA

Visualized cut scenes and in game cinematics for the "Lord of The Rings-The Two Towers" Video game.

09/01 - 06/02

Production Designer

Intel Little Blue Aliens Commercials

PDI / Dreamworks

Palo Alto, CA

Oversaw all the visual aspects of production, including character design, environmental design, and storyboard. Presented concepts to clients. Communicated Director's vision to artists both traditional and digital. Supervised the CG modelers and texture artists in production of character, prop, and environment assets for the production.


Storyboard / Concept Artist

"Ghost Ship"

Warner Bros. / Dark Castle Entertainment

Worked with Director "Steve Beck" in the creation and development of key storyboard sequences and conceptual designs.


Art Director / Storyboard / Concept Artist

Industrial Light and Magic

San Rafael, CA

Features as Art Director:

Jurassic Park III, Jack Frost, Snake Eyes

Features as Storyboard / Concept artist:

Mission to Mars, Space Cowboys, The Mummy, The Mummy II, Spawn, Wild Wild West, Galaxy Quest, The Hulk, Men in Black, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.


First Union Bank, Raptor Vs Raptor, Saturn EV1,Diamond Walnuts, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Pepsi SW1, etc.


Senior Art Director

Creative Labs LTD.

Milpitas, CA

Led the in house design team in designing and implementing a new look and feel for all of Creative's Advertising, Packaging and Collateral.


Associate Creative Director

Symantec Corporation

Cupertino, CA

Worked as a team with Creative Director and Symantec's Advertising Agency to redefine and establish a new look and feel for all of Symantec's advertising, collateral, packaging, point of purchase and online presence. Directed and implemented the first fully online style guide to be accessed globally across the net by Symantec's numerous international locations.


S.F. Academy of Art College

San Francisco, California

Bachelor of Fine Art In Illustration/Computer Graphics

Skyline Junior College

San Bruno, California

Associate of Art degree in Fine Art

Computer Skills: Maya, FormZ, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXpress

Awards: Ketchum Right Way Award, San Jose Ad Club Award.

Other Interests: Scuba Diving, Underwater Film Making, Playing Guitar, Mountain Biking, Tai Chi, Figure Drawing, Painting, and World of Warcraft.